One of the oldest crafts, stonework - or stone masonry has existed since the beginning of time. Craftsmen created tools, walls, homes, roads and decorations, using stone. At Mountain View Modular and General Contractor, we continue this tradition.

Whether you want to turn a basic facade into a work of art or need a retaining wall built, we have the skills and the tools to get the job done! Other contractors may use inferior materials and masonry methods but, through our years of experience, Mountain View Modular and General Contractor gives you top quality work at an affordable price.


Looking for a quick foundation to build around? Mountain View Modular offers aluminum concrete forms for building foundations. Rather than spending time laying block, our aluminum forms allow us to quickly structure a foundation, lay in rebar and pour the concrete. It's as simple as that! Concrete forms are available in almost any situation, for almost any foundation need. They offer a solid structure, with a variety of options, including curved walls and stacked form situations.

So the next time you consider installing a new foundation, sidewalk, patio or outdoor barbecue pit, pick up the phone and call Mountain View Modular and General Contractor right away! We will not only give you a property you can be proud of but we will also offer you the peace of knowing you have a quality product!