Does your home need some modernization or maybe a little remodeling? Maybe you just purchased a home but struggle to adapt it to your family's individual lifestyle. Maybe you're looking into expanding your corporate offices and adding a few employees. Mountain View Modular and General Contractor can help you!

We have extensive experience developing new additions and remodeled spaces. Whether you need an office or a residential space, a kitchen or a living space, or even and outdoor space developed, we have the experience to help you! In preparing for a project, we take the time to plan. We measure and evaluate areas, looking for opportunities to reduce heating and cooling costs. We look at areas affected by natural lighting and natural shading. We look for optimal access points for entrances and exits. We understand that your property is special to you and therefore we handle it with the utmost care and consideration. After finishing a task, our construction work will be reviewed in order to make sure it meets the proper specifications and needs.