How will you heat your home? Many families consider outdoor coal boilers. Outdoor coal boilers heat water and send it inside, to your furnace. From there, your home's internal heating system takes over and heats your home. Families can save thousands of dollars a year, in heating, by using outdoor coal boilers.

Outdoor coal boilers are safe! Sometimes families pass on installing a fireplace, for fear of smoke and the possibility of chimney fires. Yet, at the same time, they initially hoped to save on heating by utilizing the fireplace more. Outdoor coal boilers typically sit 30 to 250 feet away from a home but offer the same cost-effective wood-burning process.

Did you know that you can also use coal boilers for recreation, outside and inside your home? Families may desire a spa or hot tub, after a hard day at work. Outdoor coal boilers can heat these, as well. Families can also expect to save on the heating cost of a spa or hot tub, as well. Typically this heating solution surpasses the savings offered by electrical or natural gas heating. Don't forget... we install spas and hot tubs, as well!

In addition to installing coal boilers, Mountain View Modular and General Contracting also installs outdoor generators. An outdoor generator can power just about anything in the home, in an office or even on the road. Whether you're just looking for a little security for your family, in the form of a backup generator or need a little extra power in a rural area, we have the right generator for you!

Let Mountain View Modular and General Contracting help you save on your heating costs and give your family a sense of security with a cost-effective outdoor coal boiler or an outdoor generator, today!



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